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“Man to Man” Train-The Trainer July 29-31, 2014

Note: this project is now over. For reports, see this link.

M2M-1067The Engaging Men and Boys in Ending Violence against Women and Girls project conducted a three-day “train-the-trainer” training July 29, 30, 31 2014 for people working with youth (teen to 25). Location was Annapolis Basin Conference Centre (see http://www.abcc.ca/ for site details). Accommodation and food was included. This training was offered at no charge to those who are doing this work in our catchment area. 

sow-logoThanks to Status of Women Canada for funding the training!

Note that we have taken pains to make this accessible to all, so we can subsidize all costs if needed. If you or your organization can afford to contribute to these costs, it would be greatly appreciated. Actual costs to us per person will be in excess of $500. Note that if your organization is outside of our catchment area (which is West Hants, Kings, Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne Counties) you can still attend, if space is available, for a conference fee of $500.

This was a “one shot” opportunity. We do not have the resources to repeat this training, although we offered shorter facilitators’ training in the fall in English and French, led by our own staff. We encouraged people to make the effort to attend, even if they had to divert your attendance from other events, as we know all are concerned to spread the capacity to address violence against women and girls by engaging men and boys as allies.

M2M-1069Objective: Train leaders from multiple sectors of the local community to create mentorship activities, relationships, curriculum or events that assist young men and boys to become aware of gender-based violence and ways to work to eliminate it.

Target Groups: People who work or volunteer with youth in West Hants, Kings, Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth or Shelburne Counties.

Sectors to Approach: Junior High and High Schools through SchoolsPlus; Post-secondary institutions; Sports teams and recreation departments; RCMP in the schools, Religious organizations; other youth-centred community organizations and institutions, etc.


  • Offer train-the-trainer training or facilitation training to leaders and mentors of youth and to young leaders in educational institutions and community organizations based on the Man to Man tool-kit (See http://www.fsacc.ca/content/247183 for the tool-kit, available in English and French).
  • The train-the-trainer event will be held over three days: July 29, 30, 31, 2014, led by staff from the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (who developed the tool-kit) with assistance from our staff. This will enable you to design and lead events and also to train more people from your local community. A sample agenda can be found below. Those who complete the training can then offer facilitation training to youth and youth leaders and mentors in their organization or area.
  • After the training, as resources permit, we will assist local leaders of youth to design program appropriate for their groups and may be able to assist by co-facilitating the first implementation of the program with them within their organization.
  • We will make available a web site with additional resources for program developers, and discussion boards for leaders to support one another in developing and customizing program.

M2M-1081M2M-1064M2M-1091Sample Agenda

(This was not the exact agenda for the training, but gives a good idea of the approach.)

Day One: Understanding Sexual Violence

  •    Introductions and Welcome
  •    Housekeeping
  •    Setting the Tone
  •    Icebreaker
  •    Sexual Assault Myths
  •    Media (Part 1)
  •    Consent and Coercion
  •    Convince Me
  •    Discussion about Coercion,
  •    Consent, and Consent Laws
  •    Power Shuffle
  •    Privilege and Oppression
  •    Gender Roles
  •    Media Grab Bag (Part 2)
  •    Summary
  •    Closing Rounds
  •    Evaluations




Day Two – Using the Toolkits

  •     Introductions
  •     Setting the Tone
  •     Ice Breaker
  •     What is TEP/MTM
  •     Set Up of toolkits
  •     How TEP/MTM is used in our/your community
  •     Facilitation vs Teaching
  •     Learning Theory/Learning Styles (Quiz and
  •     Discussion)
  •     Facilitator Boundaries & Biases
  •     Handling a Disclosure
  •     Planning a Workshop
  •     Running a Workshop
  •     Evaluating a Workshop
  •     Evaluations

Day Three: Facilitator Training

  •     Welcome Back
  •     Setting the Tone
  •     Ice Breaker
  •     Effective Communication
  •     Public Speaking Tips/Public Speaking
  •     Poor Facilitation
  •     Facilitating Groups
  •     Group Dynamics, Roles, How Groups Form
  •     Difficult Questions
  •     Working with Men and Boys
  •     Evaluation and Closing


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