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“Man to Man” one-day training workshop – Yarmouth, Feb 20, 2014


This free workshop was for community leaders who want to learn how to lead young men and boys to end violence against women in their community. We have identified four stages for developing engagement: From awareness, to motivation, to action, to partnerships.

There was no cost to attend the workshop. Our thanks to Status of Women Canada for funding the workshop, and to NSCC Burridge for providing the facilities.

The workshop was designed for people who are leading youth in any aspect, (e.g. church group leaders, sports team coaches, school teachers and counsellors, community policing, scout leaders, mental health and addictions workers, youth justice workers, First Nations elders, student leaders, parent groups, etc.) who would like tools to work with boys and young men to be agents of change in ending gender violence. Participants gained a clear focus on the issues and tools, and received a copy of the “Man to Man” Toolkit as a resource.

It was held at the Burridge Campus of NSCC (see map). The room opened at 8:30 am and the workshop ran from 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch. Lunch could be purchased at the NSCC cafeteria or local restaurants (or bring a bag lunch).

Francophone option: For those who plan to deliver the material in francophone environments, we had two bilingual facilitators on out team who will lead breakout groups in French with the “Entre Hommes” toolkit (French translation of the “Man to Man” toolkit.)

Note that there was also a free public talk by Kate Bojin from the White Ribbon Campaign at NSCC Burridge at 7pm on Thursday evening the 19th. See this page for more details about the talk


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Our Approach:

The steps to engaging men and boys in working to end violence against women and girls can be stated simply as the need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the issues? (Awareness)
    • Men are often unaware of the reality of women’s lives and the challenges they face.
      There needs to be an introduction to the core issues in a way that is accessible and clear.
  • Why should I care? (Motivation)
    • Many men see this as a “women’s issue” only, and feel that they either have no place taking this on, or that it is not relevant to their lives. There needs to be a clear demonstration of how this is also a “men’s issue”, impacts men and those we care about.
  • What can I do? (Action)
    • Restructuring our gendered society is a daunting task and many would feel helpless to make any change. There needs to be concrete examples and role-plays of how significant impact can be made by each of us.
  • Who can help? (Partnerships / Mentoring)
    • Networking and locating local and other resources for collaboration and support of people doing this work.

Each of these questions need to be addresses and answered at three levels: the personal, the relational and the community levels. How does this influence the personal choices I make? How does this influence the relationships I am in with friends, family, co-workers, neighbours? How does this influence the community I live in?

We used the “Man to Man” Toolkit developed by the Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre as a basis for the training. We demonstrated how to apply the tools and exercises in the Toolkit to various populations. Facilitators included Bruce Dienes, Ph.D. and Linda Lapierre from Chrysalis House, Melissa Vail from Juniper House, and Evan Nemeth from the Tri-County Women’s Centre.

The workshops were interactive and practically oriented. There wass no charge to attend.
For more information, contact Bruce Dienes at  

Sample Agenda for “Man to Man” Training

May be different from the workshop. This is to give a general idea of the approach.


9:00 Introductions / Icebreakers

9:15 Introduction to the Man to Man Toolkit

9:30 What are the Issues?

Overview of issues around violence against women.
Presentation by Kate Bojin of the White Ribbon Campaign
Interactive exercises from the Man to Man Toolkit

10:30 Nutrition Break

10:45 Why should men and boys care?

Examining how sexism and misogyny impacts men
Identifying and personalizing the impact on women
Interactive exercises from the Man to Man Toolkit

11:45 Discussion / Sharing

12:00 Lunch Break – Bring a bag lunch or eat at NSCC Cafeteria.


1:00 What can I do?

Looking at bystander intervention, activism, education and other approaches
Videos and discussion
Interactive exercises from the Man to Man Toolkit

2:15 Nutrition Break

2:30 Working groups to develop agendas and program for your population

Small groups with similar interest get together to brainstorm and plan

3:30 Groups present their program to the whole workshop.

4:15 Who can help?

Recap, feedback, networking and partnership building

4:45 Evaluation and closing exercise

5:00 End of Workshop


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